​​​Hang Zhang

My work challenges the boundaries of art and explores the potential of various disciplines, including animal studies, posthuman studies, tattoos, and mortality. I often create playful presentations using neon light assemblage, interactive games and bold, striking, colourful installations that investigate the relationship between animals, humans, construction, and colonisation. I have become increasingly interested in the effects of globalisation and post-colonisation on the cultural perception of lamoid species. The development of this research takes part in the group exhibition in an anthropomorphic way. Hangover Square is my first autoethnographic practice-led research, which illustrates my personal stories about my tattoos, colonised woman’s bodies, and social class. This project holds significant sentimental value and I consider it to be my bravest work to date. 

Email: hangzhang823@gmail.com
Instagram: @_6uby
Website: hangzhangartsyfartsy.com


Hang Zhang, Giant Sam’s Tea Party (2021), installation of a wearable inflatable beetle and a 2min 46 video, size various. Exhibited in Materiality, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham 2022.